With over 28 years of experience in the Brazilian market, Ig Olliver is recognized as a respected producer and composer in the House Music scene, particularly in the captivating and enchanting style of Deep House. His passion for this genre shines through in each of his compositions, which are true expressions of energy and emotion.

What sets Ig Olliver's work apart is his love for classical and impactful instruments. He values mesmerizing pianos, captivating guitars, and soul-touching acoustic instruments. This preference for authentic and emotive sounds adds layers of depth and sophistication to his creations, resulting in true works of sonic art.

When listening to Ig Olliver's music, one can be transported to a world of sensations and emotions. Every note, every chord is carefully selected and placed to create a musical experience that goes beyond the ordinary. With him, music becomes a universal language capable of touching hearts and awakening deep feelings.

Music as essence, music as excellence and music as experience. Like and share this feeling. Regardless of the style, be sure to experience and spread this peaceful atmosphere that music brings us.

Whether in a crowded dance floor or during a moment of personal introspection, Ig Olliver's compositions have the power to create unique atmospheres, offering a complete immersion into the magic of Deep House. His ability to blend classical elements with contemporary sounds is what makes him a true master in this beloved and admired musical style.

Ig Olliver goes beyond being just a producer and composer of Deep House. He is a passionate artist, a storyteller through sound who knows how to create a deep connection with his audience, even in live performances. His music is an invitation to explore new emotions, dive into captivating melodies, and surrender to the magic of electronic music.

Get ready to embark on a unique musical journey in the talented hands of Ig Olliver. Choose, press play, and share the experience.

His compositions already surpass millions of auditions and are appreciated daily in the most diverse points of the planet. The sound of his compositions and remixes emphasizes the producer's preference for classic and striking instruments, such as pianos, guitars and acoustic instruments.

iG Olliver: A visionary artist in perpetual evolution, transforming inspiration into soul-stirring melodies, and staunchly believing in a world elevated by the power of music.




+55 51.982.482.750